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Pete Sampras (strung for him)...very nice, no attitudes
A S-V...(strung for her)...met het multiple times, total sweetheart
Leander Paes...very nice guy and extremely intelligent
Lisa a hurry, not very chatty


John Lennon...about as casual as you can get; didn't even feel like he was a star!
Dr. J...humbly thanked me for wishing him congrats after his ABA title run
Billy Joel...just motorcycling shopping at the same dealer I bought from...anonymous and preferred that status
Ed pr**k
Bruce Hall (bassist for REO Speedwagon)...very mellow, unassuming and a nice tipper!
Despite all of life's bumps and bruises, I'm still committed to making this world better one smile, one laugh at a time, every day!
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