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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
Thanks for the suggestion. I have ordered half set of pacific gut to try it out before test. I will try it out to see if that will work. I will have some gut left after the job, so I can practice the bulky knot more to see if it will present a problem and report back.
Definitely appreciate the heads up and will get this taken care of.
If it was me and I was going to use a starting knot on gut I would use a VS Starting knot. I would also put some (not much) tension on the tail with a starting clamp to ensure the knot does not slip while tension is pulled. When tying all your knot in order to reduce drawback and keep the knot from being sucked into the grommet hold the tail up and against the frame with a starting clamp. If you don't have one use theirs.

EDIT: Knots are one of the easiest things to do right and one of the biggest problems for most stringers.

EDIT: Natty gut is THE easiest string to break when tying knots. Why else do you think the make you use it. The very last thing you want to do is break it. Without a knot or kink in the string it is as strong as any other string. Mess it up with a clamp, knot, kink, or main string friction and you will find yourself paying for another test. If I were you I would buy the cheapest 17 gauge gut I could to practice with rather than 1 half set of good strong gut. If you can string it without breaking it you will find the good stuff much easier.
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