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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
Boys and their toys! Compensating for what, fellas? Truth be told, technology is very democratic, most cars handle pretty well now, and American roads don't present a need for exceptional handling. Drive the autostradas in Italy and you come to understand why Europeans developed competent cars, but the point is fairly moot on this side of the ocean.
Thank you for your insight.
I totally disagree as I lived (and learned to drive) for 20 years in Europe, then, past 3 years again in Europe...and to answer to your question -- compensating for driving Skoda Octavia and Passat Wagon those 3 years in Europe (minus the weekends in my wife's 120d SE)
You can find as interesting and challenging roads in the US, too. And, daily driving in Dallas is as exciting as daily driving in Munich or Rome...
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