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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Kids metabolize lead at a far different rate than adults. Form also matters. Dust from sanded lead paint is dangerous and easily ingested or inhaled while solid lead isn't as much of a threat. That which is relatively harmless to an adult can be very dangerous to a child.

Some time ago New York tried to ban the sale of lead figures for a hobby known as miniature wargaming. These are miniature figures of soldiers used in tabletop games. There was a lawsuit and trial and the state lost when the industry showed that people working with the figures on a daily basis show no elevated levels of lead in their blood (at least no higher than the general population since we all have lead in our bodies from various sources). In the end the victory didn't matter since the industry feared lawsuits and switched to pewter and resin casts over time.

In any case, the science in that trial showed that even handling solid and molten lead didn't elevate lead levels in the blood. I really don't think that lead tape poses a series health risk unless you're sanding it or licking it. Put it on your frame, wash your hands afterwards, and don't lick it!
Exactly. I'm not about to let my kids play with lead tape, but as long as I keep it off the kitchen table and wash my hands after applying, I don't think that the risk is in any way significant.

Now, if tungsten is heavier and thus you can use less of it, then that's great.
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