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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
C.A.P. System Grommets are not there to add more weigh to the hoop. They are there to protect the hoop and strings from damage when coming into contact with the court.

If you liked the Babolat Aero ProDrive so much better I highly recommend you switch to it. You are comparing a 16x19, variable widebody frame to a 18x20, straight beam, frame. They are two totally different animals.
I totally agree that the comparison to an APD is pointless. That's like saying you drove a miata and a camry and the miata is so much more fun to drive. The APD and Prestige are aimed at completely different parts of the market. By the way, I find the sweetspot on the prestige mp to be fairly large for and 18x20 95 sq in frame.
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