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Originally Posted by Nathaniel_Near View Post
That, we all know, which is why it's puzzling that he would be in the top 5. In short I'm inferring responsibility to the current conditions. As valiant as David Ferrer is, I find it slightly odd that such an uncreative method of playing can garner for a player such a consistently high rank. A player who really does have less weapons in his 'strokes' than probably most of the top 20, and maybe even the top 40 or so.
Ferrer returns exceptionally well, on the same level as Murray and Djokovic. He has phenomenal pure footwork, the best in the game along with Federer and Nadal (and better than Djokovic and Murray) and great speed and athleticism (though not as much as players like Djokovic and Nadal). He takes the ball pretty early, which enables him to frustrate bigger and more powerful opponents like Del Potro, and has a very good forehand which he can place on a dime along with a rock solid backhand. Add to that his very strong mentality and unlimited stamina, and you have a solid top 5 player.
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