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I hope the Dawgs are ready, for their sake. I'll be their enjoying this one.

Playing UGA tomorrow at 4 pm.

what I expect to see:

Last year we went into Athens and got slapped. Yannick Maden lost 6-1 6-0 and Wibowow lost 6-1 6-1. Only Meza was able to win a set in singles. We were able to win #1 doubles.

This year's Clemson team is better and more polished while UGA is younger and still learning their new positions. The odds of an upset would be better had this been the first match of the season like the Vandy match.


1: 18 Maden brothers vs #5 Wagland/Pieters
This will be a great doubles match. Wagland was paired with Pasha when they lost to the Madens 8-4. The Madens are looking unbeatable at the moment. If their is one weakness of the Maden team it is the serves of both players. Not the largest servers.

2: Wibowo/Meza vs Pasha/Singh
I don't know how well they work together but the idea of Pasha and Singh on the same side of the court is scary to me. Wibowo is the better doubles player of the Clemson team. He has great touch and can hit unexpected angles. He is not steady though. Meza is not the greatest volleyer. Clemson will be hard pressed to win this match.

3: Harrington/Rigsby vs Diaz/Brasseaux
A match Clemson must win if we want to win this dual match. Rigsby is the best server on the team and has some of the best overheads in the nation.


1: 75 Yannick Maden vs 8 KU Singh
Singh beat Maden 6-3 6-3 in the fall. Not a great matchup for Maden as Singh is a speedy player and Maden's angles will not bother Singh as much as it does other players. Singh will be able to out-maneuver Maden and likely will win by a similar scoreline as the fall meeting.

2: Hunter Harrington vs 19 Nathan Pasha
These two have battled over the years in juniors back when Pasha was THE big deal in tennis. Pasha was dominant at 6 last year but so far he scuffled since taking over the reigns at #2 as he is on a two match losing streak, losing to Gonzalez Austin(Vanderbilt) and Max Wennakoski(VCU). Harrington will have to serve big to win this. He played #5 all of last year and he has also scuffled since taking over at #2, losing sets to lesser players.

3: Gerardo Meza vs 16 Hernus Pieters
Pieters beat Meza 7-6 6-4 in the fall. Meza can win this match if he controls from the back of the court and pushes Pieters around. Meza has been sharp this year as had Pieters before his inexplicable loss to Rhys Johnson. This will be a tight match.

4: Dom Maden vs Ben Wagland
This will be my first time seeing Wagland the Freshman from Australia play. I do not know his game-style yet and can't comment on the technical match up here. Maden has been playing well. He can defend for his life against bigger hitters and also can take charge with his big flat forehand on the high balls.

5: Zac Rigsby vs Austin Smith
Rigsby was a solid #6 last year in the ACC and has improved his game as he tries to go out well in his senior year. He has become faster and he has become more aggressive. Smith is a Freshman and I know little to nothing about his game. I see this as a good opportunity for Rigsby to get a point for Clemson

6. Austin Ansari or Ayrton Wibowo vs Nick Wood or Garrett Brasseaux
I am thinking that Clemson will play Ansari at 6 because of recent success and recent Wibowo struggles but Wibowo could also be put there because of his potential to play well. #6 is a weak spot for UGA and they could play either Wood or Brasseaux.

Clemson has got to win doubles to have any shot here. I see the best chances for singles wins in order are, 5,6,4,3,1,2
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