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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
I think it would be helpful to parents and players. Younger players can make tremendous improvements in a year.
You are gonna get answers like..... TRN is mostly for college coaches recruiting players. They don't care about the kids' age. The older is the better so coaches may recruit 19 year old mature senior (might have been even held back or lie about grad year) over 17 year old. You see when they compete in college, freshman might have a match against a senior.

You must have just started to explore TRN ranking. Welcome to the world of TRN. You will eventually find/run into some juniors being held back a grade or two so the ranking and stars go up. Some were really held back but some were fake or falsely reported on the computer. Some juniors will not play a match in consys, afraid of losing to lower ranking players. Some will just sandbagging. Some not playing for a while (not injury or illness) so the ranking drops then start again.....triggering a "Hot list" for coaches.

Don't jump on a bandwagon of TRN's world especially when your players are in elementary or middle school. High school....maybe...since that's when coaches start to really look for your players.

If you want head-to-head comparison ranking that goes by age, you might have to "file petition", lol, for the USTA to bring it back.

IMO, for younger players or kids before high school, TRN helps parents and players see who their kids beat or lost to ie. a 3 star lost 2,4 to a same grade blue chip is not bad. A four star won a match in tie-break against five star (same grade) is also a progress. For kids before high school, you can use TRN to track your player's development.......not for social comparison.
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