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Originally Posted by zagor View Post
Both fanbases are accusing him of doping, it's not just Clarky and *** on the Rafa's side, tushar and winstonplum for example are also accusing him (or were at some point).

Edit: At the time of that poast from Senti what he said was mostly true, Novak was still on Fed fans' good side then as he was saving Fed's GOAT legacy from evil Rafa.
Yup,i did accuse him of doping.i was just watching his match highlights with stan,he just didn't look tired in the end,not even hard breathing,can't help myself but have a hunch that he might be up to something,of course I have no evidence so i can't be sure,but still!

No matter how fit you are,5 hours is too long a time and if you play the next round as if nothing happened in the previous match,then something seems fishy to me.
Rafa is the goat deal with it!!

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