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Originally Posted by President View Post
Ferrer is great on fast surfaces too though because his footwork is so good and he takes the ball so early, I think his current rank has a lot more to do with his improvement as a player than the slowing of the courts (though that may be a factor as well). At the end of 2012 he thrashed Berdych (one of the players you would probably consider superior to him) in Davis Cup on a lightning quick indoor hard court, he also beat Del Potro at WTF again on an indoor hard court.
I think it has more to do with how the elements he is strong with and/or worked on coincide with the requirement hierarchy of the era, and this has further aided his maturity and mental powers. As for Berdych being superior, that's a close call with the current conditions. Ferrer has shown more consistency but Berdych has made a major final. For me it's all about what is most suited at a certain point in time, and who can adapt the best to certain conditions, which is not always a question of who is superior at adapting but also pertains to some luck, after all, it would be unfair to ask an elephant to climb a tree...

If conditions had become faster instead of slower, Ferrer could still consistently be top 10 but I'd imagine that someone like Tsonga might have traded positions with Ferrer in terms of right now holding a top 4 rank. I'd have quite liked Tsonga's chances to win a Major title actually (though he came close at WTF 2011). I still hold out hope that he can win one as I am a big fan of his game. Incidentally, I was particularly pleased when Ferrer won a 1000 title finally, as I believe it is the least that he deserves.
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