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hello all -

so instead of starting a whole new thread on the same subject racquet, id just bring this one back from the dead...

i just found an Ultra 2 (of a 7.5/10 quality IMO) at the local goodwill, and after a quick **** search finding that these old racquets are worth a considerable amount of money, i decided to spend the little money it cost.

now being that i am just starting out in tennis (registered for a tennis class for my last university semester to start me off in the right direction)

i took it out to play with it yesterday, and it seemed alright, but maybe produced a little bit more power than i expected even with little power of swing.

so would it be suggested that i
-maybe try and sell this racquet to pay for a considerably newer racquet (if it is actually worth any considerable amount)
-keep the racquet and learn with it
-keep the racquet, buy a cheap starter racquet, and move into this Ultra 2 later on

And if i decided to sell this raquet, what information can you guys tell me as to the factory origin/price i could get for such an item?
(pictures below)

I myself am very interested in starting off into this sport right, and appreciate any insite you all can provide.


a little about the racquet quality (all shown in pictures) -
-only major scratches if any at all are on the top of the head/frame where it would have rubbed against the ground (but these only seem to be minor rash compared to others ive seen)
-only one grommet among them all looks bent out (idk if thats the right word to describe it?)
-string seems to be in very good condition with no apparent flaws
-frame overall (besides top of head as mentioned) is without warping, scratches, dents, or marks (besides one small dent on the top right of the face as some may be able to see in the picture)
-grip is very much intact, with only wear seeming to be discoloration of the leather from extended use of an over-grip which was on the racquet when i bought it.
(if any more information/pictures are needed to better judge the quality/price/origin of this item, id be glad to add)

also, i am limited to 4 pictures, so for more, click the links included at the bottom (9 total pictures)
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