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Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
FAST hard courts are Nadal's worst surface, not indoor hard. And the tour finals are NOT considered a fast hard court.

Nadal's best result at Cincinnati (a fast hard court): semi-final
Nadal's best result at the tour finals/Rotterdam (both indoor hard): final

My point was that it can be your favorite surface and you can still lose.

Yes, Djokovic vs. Nadal on hard isn't EXACTLY the same as Federer vs. Nadal on indoor hard. I never said it was. I merely said that hard courts FAVOR Djokovic. That is a fact.

Oh, the irony. I was responding to YOUR sarcasm with some of my own. So apparently it's YOU that can't sense it.

But back to the topic at hand: if you don't think that Djokovic's record at the French is outstanding then you are in denial and probably need to stop watching tennis. How many other players can boast the kind of record that Djokovic has at the French?

It IS outstanding.
considering that what you said made no sense at all, how was I supposed to sense the sarcasm? I don't even know to whom you were referring when you said "Only losing to 4 different people IS an outstanding record." Maybe if you were clearer and used names I would have gotten your sarcasm.

As to your last question, well what on earth does that even have to do with Djokovic doping to the point of becoming superman in 2011? Nothing. Before 2011 he made it to 2 SF's at RG. He wasn't exactly cementing his legacy in the clay record books.
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