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Default how to tell gut and syn gut?

Originally Posted by kkm View Post
Yes, be sure not to scratch the frame during the MRT exam. I wouldn't use a knife to cut a flared grommet. I would advise making small snips in the flared portion using the same cutters you use to trim knot tails, then using your fingers to compress the flared area a bit, and pulling the grommet out, hopefully pulling on the rest of the grommet strip for leverage.

Also remember that when you are given the polyester and natural gut strings for the stringing part of the exam, they will be unmarked strings, and quite similar in color/general appearance, so be sure that you know how to tell them apart, and use the correct string for the mains and the correct string for the crosses, because mixing them up would mean an automatic fail.
I will practice remove grommet more just use pliers. The test is about to use right technique and got its reason. I need to be good at it to pass.
Thanks for the wonderful advise of paying attention to the strings. These are the advise I am seeking.
I think I should able to tell them by looking at the string. One is solid core and the other is not. Any other better way and sure way to tell them apart? coil memory? softness? Can I ask the tester and mark it? or it is part of the test to tell them apart?
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