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Originally Posted by President View Post
All I am saying is that I think you may be wrong about the slow conditions hugely benefitting Ferrer, they benefit players like Nadal and Djokovic a lot more than they do David. Hell, even back in 2007 Ferrer made the WTF final on a fast carpet court, it is a myth that he struggles on fast surfaces when in fact he may even be better on them than slow ones. He also beat Del Potro last year at Wimbledon, a relatively fast court even these days.
I'm inclined to disagree, but that doesn't mean you are wrong. None of these players are useless on faster surfaces; Nadal for example has won Wimbledon twice, as we all know. Still, Ferrer and Nadal's preferred conditions are of the slower variety, and Wimbledon is the only Major in which Ferrer hasn't made a semifinal. So to my mind, the changing of the conditions more or less benefited Nadal, Ferrer and Djokovic equally relative to their ability levels. There is one thing about Djokovic's resume that bothers, in that in the very year the AO court surface was changed, he won his first Slam, and it was where he started his monster run in 2011 as well. It just so turned out that the grindtastic steady conditions of the plexicushion at the AO suit his game absolutely wonderfully. By contrast, the rebound ace surface was more volatile (changeable) and reactive. Now I don't want to take away from Nole's greatness, but it's a point worth mentioning, I think. Nice to be having this discussion with you.
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