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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post

As to your last question, well what on earth does that even have to do with Djokovic doping to the point of becoming superman in 2011? Nothing. Before 2011 he made it to 2 SF's at RG. He wasn't exactly cementing his legacy in the clay record books.
Nice attempt at trying to move the goal posts. His record at the French was being used to show how well Djokovic does on clay. But now you're not impressed because it doesn't prove that he isn't "cementing his legacy in the clay record books" (something that NO ONE even claimed or insinuated)?

I'm done with you.


To reiterate: the point of me referencing Djokovic's clay record was to show that Djokovic is a very competent clay court player, NOT that he is one of the best clay courters ever. Your response shows me that you will change the argument whenever you like.

And you went out of your way to ignore my entire argument about Nadal's worst surface, so there's THAT, too.

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