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Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
That wasn't my purpose. The purpose of my post was to demonstrate that Djokovic had the capabilities to beat Nadal on clay.

NO ONE has to demonstrate to you that Djokovic can beat Nadal on clay in straight sets. Merely showing that Djokovic can win is sufficient, since a win in a win. Did Federer have to demonstrate to you that he could bagel Nadal on clay after NEVER being able to beat Nadal on clay?.
Really? But, he didn't just beat him. That is the whole point. The point was to discuss how much of a leap in his form Djokovic had!

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
It has only been a YEAR. What the hell are you talking about??.
He had 3 chances to show his changed ability. Failed in all three.

But, that is what I said. We will see, if your theory works.

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
So who should Novak have to beat???.
Dude, the question is, who did he beat??

As for the future, Nadal will suffice.

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
SAre you saying that performance from one year is a direct indicator of what should/will happen the next? I don't quite understand your post (because it is so poorly worded), but if that's the case, then that's insane.
No, I am saying, that, in order your claims to be true, there should be future reflection of them in the reality. If there isn't, then it might not be the truth about what happened.
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