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Originally Posted by President View Post
I think the movement on grass (which is totally different from hard court) is what hurts Ferrer more than the surface speed. The same can be said of Safin or Davydenko, both of whom were very good on fast hard courts but couldn't play at even close to their potential on grass. Still, Ferrer hammered Del Potro at Wimbledon last year and was very close to taking a 2-0 lead on Andy Murray in the quarterfinals.

There is no great disparity between Ferrer's fast court results and slow court results, and if you break down his game it seems well suited for any surface speed. There is just little basis for your assertion that he has hugely benefitted from slow courts.
This isn't all about Ferrer but the players around him, who like much less to engage in fierce wars of attrition from the baseline. There is little basis that goes beyond being speculative for any opinion you or myself could offer to this debate, merely reasoned theory. We can only guess about the results Ferrer's game would have earned him were the paradigm to have veered off in a contrary direction. I've made my guess and reasoned it on Ferrer's style owing itself to the current paradigm and battles of attrition, while at the same time believing that guys like Tsonga and Berdych have games more naturally tailored to conditions that reward aggression and shot-making prowess more than fantastic retrieval abilities and stamina. However were a scenario to be played out, who knows, maybe Ferrer would have adapted the same way either way or maybe he'd have been slightly worse off, as I suspect, while players like Tsonga and Roddick (shot-maker/all courter and - big serve/weapons) do a little bit better. At the end of it all, one can only speculate.
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