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I purchased a hardly used Sting 110 from a resale shop a few years ago that still had the factory string and grip. I restrung it as it was overdue (probably 25-30 year old string) and replaced the stock leather grip with a Fairway leather grip. I measured it and found it to be 3/8" headlight, although the Fairway grip probably weights a few grams more than the stock grip. It feels like about a 60 on the flexibility scale. I had it strung at 60 pounds with synthetic gut 16 gauge and it plays nice. It is easier on the arm than some of the modern racquets. The only drawback is that with a lot of racquets produced in the 80's, the sweet spot is in the mid to lower part of the head, so balls hit near the tip of the racquet lack power and feel. This is an original Sting racquet with no bumper guard. Wilson then came out with the Sting II which had the same 17mm width, but with a bumper guard. These racquets are great for control and you can hit with power, but the modern racquets that are stiffer provide a little more punch. although less control.
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