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If you had his forehand, you'd be running around your backhand all the time too. It's the right play based on the effectiveness of the shot. This doesn't make his backhand ineffective or bad. His rivalry with Djokovic entails more mental consistency rather than imposing certain patterns of play. They play the same patterns more or less, just execute more or less effectively depending on the day.
It's not the right shot if your opponent (Djokovic) has one of the best DTL backhands of all time, and has no problems handling the topspin off your forehand.

But Nadal's lack of imagination means that he expects the same game-plan he tailor-made for beating Federer to work against everyone, regardless of their backhand. If Nadal faced someone with a world-class backhand against high balls, and no forehand, Nadal would... ... still try to break down their backhand with heavy spin. It's all he knows.

And if I had Nadal's forehand, I'd still work damn hard to make sure my backhand could produce as much topspin as humanely possible so i could either hook people off the court or simply destroy their forehand or backhand with heavy spin from both wings without sacrificing my own positioning.
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