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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
Fair enough, I didn't realize this was such an old thread. Recently though I have seen Nikdom, SLD76, Bawss, Dropshotartist, Breakpoint, Tennis_Hands, MerlinPerlin etc all talk about Nole's doping (to be fair to these great folks though, they always include Rafa in the conversation as well).
Oh I agree, Fed fans joined in on the fun as well, especially with Nadal still being out of the picture (I'm sure when Rafa next play Novak they'll like him again).

Originally Posted by tusharlovesrafa View Post
Yup,i did accuse him of doping.i was just watching his match highlights with stan,he just didn't look tired in the end,not even hard breathing,can't help myself but have a hunch that he might be up to something,of course I have no evidence so i can't be sure,but still!

No matter how fit you are,5 hours is too long a time and if you play the next round as if nothing happened in the previous match,then something seems fishy to me.
Stan and Novak both take their time with serving, I have my doubts how much the match was prolonged as a consequence of that.

Regardless, I've seen many tennis greats (especially in the prime of their career as Novak is now) play a tough 5 setter and end up winning the slam (or losing a 5 set final), Nadal in 2010 Wimbledon played two back-to-back 5 sets and more or less dominated the rest of the tourney, in 2009 FO Fed played a 5 setter against Haas and Delpo on the way to the final and still pummeled Soderling, Sampras in 1996 USO had a thriller against Corretja in the QF but pretty routinely beat Goran and Chang in SF an F respectively, there's also Nadal's 2009 AO, 31 year old Fed at Wimbledon last year etc.

Mind you, I'm not saying you don't have a right to your opinion, I personally think all top stars are doping, I just disagree with singling out Novak (or Nadal, Fed and Murray for that matter) and the notion that he started doping right before 2011.
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