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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
LeeD has a point. you have to be discerning about which ball you can hit flat. A ball at shoulder or chest level can be hit very flat with a little bit of topspin from followthrough (which is inevitable) that is aimed at about 2ft over the net will most likely go in. Waist level shot not so much.

on a second thought, 2ft might be a little high. say about a foot.
Of course, but I think it is a mistake to teach swinging down at the ball, as most mid court balls are probably being struck at waist height or lower, in which case swinging flat or down is a disaster. I think to be safe, swinging down at the ball should be relegated shoulder height balls only. It's a bad habit to get in to and I see it time and time again in myself and people I play....people trying to hit put aways by swinging flat or down at the ball are missing as many or more then they are making.

If you watch court level videos of pros, you will see them using topspin strokes clearing the net by quite a bit on short balls exclusively unless the ball is near their shoulders.
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