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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Great point on technique.

The two most common problems that strain the shoulder seems to be not getting the chest pointed up at the ball, and not using a vertical shoulder-over shoulder motion.
Your serve technique doing more harm than good?

Preventing Rotator Cuff Injury

At the local courts, and viewing videos submitted in the Tennis Tips/Instruction pages of TT, it seems both of the above problems are prevalent.

Do you find this as well?

It certainly makes sense that as servers rush to catch up with a tossed ball because they tossed ... then started to go into a trophy position - that they are more rushed than the pros/those with a great serve who incorporate the tossing motion into part of going into the trophy position.
In their rush, it is harder to get that chest up at the ball and get that left shoulder up in the trophy position with a loaded bow shape, so they then can direct that left shoulder going down (cartwheel) instead of just swinging the shoulders side to side.

I have a high ball toss to allow myself time to get into the correct position. It's too bad I just did not learn how to delay my toss and not have to toss it so far up especially on windy days.
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