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just came back from a hour long hitting session with the Steam 99s and I think it (literally) threw me for a loop! I used a demo that was strung with full 4g and it was awesome. Not stiff feeling at all and nice pockety feel with a little flex to each shot. To my surprise, my one handed backhand was great. I hit some shots that made me question if that was really me that hit them I even hit a high topspin backhand that was above my shoulders for a crosscourt angled winner. I don't think I've ever done that. Anyways, this session now has me totally convinced I need to play with this racquet. Since I switched to a one hander, I was thinking I needed a smaller headsized, more flexible racquet, but I think I might have been mistake. The extra spin I got with the 99s actually helped my 1hbh because some shots that were close to the baseline hooked down and in. So the headsize fear is debunked and the only remaining issue is the stiffness, but I was really amazed at how comfortable the full 4g setup felt. No harshness or stiff feeling at all. And the 99s really does make the game easier. It's effortless to hit deep rally balls all day and wait for the short ball to pounce on. I think I'm sold!
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