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Default avoid blocked hole and cross over

Originally Posted by kkm View Post
To some extent you could probably tell the difference by looking. One is monofilament polyester, the other is natural gut. As far as telling them apart, the tester will not tell you which is which, and you will not know until you finish stringing the racquet whether your choice was correct. So basically it is part of the test. If you have any doubt before prestretching what you think is the natural gut, you could do one or more of a couple different things, snip a small piece of the string at a diagonal and see if you can separate the strands (natural gut is made up up several strands), or near one of the ends of the string, see how much the string resists being pinched into a "v," the monofilament polyester should resist this more.
You shouldn't need a yardstick, and forget about taking a magnifying glass, a general naked-eye visual inspection should be good enough (all you have to do is sort of pretend to inspect anyway), and you'll be given a synthetic replacement grip with adhesive backing, so you shouldn't need doublesided tape. I would take a blunt awl along instead for straightening the strings. You should at least try to straighten the crosses as you go along. Straighten the mains too, even if it's only at the end after you finish the crosses.
Remember to hold the first grommet where the string exits the frame from the bottom in place with your thumb when the string is being tensioned, and remember to hold the knot tail up before releasing the machine clamp before trimming the knot tail, the tester will be looking out for these things.
Thanks. Some of these has been noted and I am incorporating them into my stringing now. I want to make them part of my habit so when I go for the test. I just do what I normally do. Things like holding angle exit, hold the tie off string with starting clamp while release clamp, etc.

I am studying the string pattern for my test racket pure drive, which has the tie off at throat and main skip at 8T/B. To avoid a blocked hole on top, I am think about to weave the first cross before finish up the last 2 mains and tie offs. Will that be acceptable?
Go one step further, I probably will weave the second cross. That way I can avoid the cross over much easier.
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