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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
IMO, there's no need for any of that pronation, ww craps. Just hit the ball with a slightly closed racket face. The ball may go to the net, so you'll learn very quickly to swing up. None of this requires pronation, turning, ww whaterver!
Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
You can do this, and you can hit a nice flattish stroke, but you can't get the big topspin without some combination of forearm pronation and upper arm rotation. The racquet has to go up, and given human physiology that's the best way to do that.

With the E. grip specifically, it's going to be mostly pronation at the contact point. Upper arm rotation mostly decelerates the racquet. With more W grips it's different.
Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Flattish stroke?

Actually, what I described in my post above is exactly how the racket contacts the ball and produces topspin as far as it is concerned. To produce a topspin shot the racket face just needs to contact the ball unevenly, above its equator, and with an upward and forward path. IMO, for simplicity's sake that's all novice and overworried players need to focus on. (Of course, after contact, simply allow the racket, your arm flow their natural courses.)

For me that has been much easier to learn than to pay attention to "forearm pronation" or "upper arm rotation", etc.
What you said is quoted above.

Specifically I was responding to, " . . . there's no need for any of that pronation, ww craps. Just hit the ball with a slightly closed racket face." Respectfully a closed racquet face by itself won't do anything but direct the ball down. It's not going to add spin.

I also don't think that it's super productive to think about uneven contact hitting above the equator either. It's the upward path that you mention. The racquet has to have an upward component to produce topspin. Figure out the racquet angle you want to make the ball clear the net, and get that upward component.

The best way to get the upward component is the ww stuff, pronation, etc. You also just hit with a rising swing path like they used to teach and you'll get some topspin, but nothing like what you can get with modern technique.
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