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Originally Posted by ten11 View Post
Thanks. Some of these has been noted and I am incorporating them into my stringing now. I want to make them part of my habit so when I go for the test. I just do what I normally do. Things like holding angle exit, hold the tie off string with starting clamp while release clamp, etc.

I am studying the string pattern for my test racket pure drive, which has the tie off at throat and main skip at 8T/B. To avoid a blocked hole on top, I am think about to weave the first cross before finish up the last 2 mains and tie offs. Will that be acceptable?
Go one step further, I probably will weave the second cross. That way I can avoid the cross over much easier.
If you're stringing two piece I would pre-weave the first three crosses before typing off the mains. Then there is no blocked hole at the top. The mains tie off at 6T and the string on the outside of the frame from 6T to 7T hold the 8T hole from being blocked so there are no blocked holes to speak of.
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