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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
If you're stringing two piece I would pre-weave the first three crosses before typing off the mains. Then there is no blocked hole at the top. The mains tie off at 6T and the string on the outside of the frame from 6T to 7T hold the 8T hole from being blocked so there are no blocked holes to speak of.

I would not pre-weave the top three crosses before tying off the mains if blocked holes are the concern.
I would finish the mains and tie off as usual. I would enlarge hole 8 (using a smooth awl and a bit of chapstick or something like that) on each side at the top of the racquet before mounting the racquet so that getting the top cross through hole 8 around the main string otherwise blocking hole 8 won't be an isue. Enlarging a couple grommets is quick and easy. I would also enlarge hole 8 on each side at the bottom of the racquet for the same reason.
Babolat suggests tying the bottom cross to hole 10, which is the next to last cross.
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