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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
Really? But, he didn't just beat him. That is the whole point. The point was to discuss how much of a leap in his form Djokovic had!
Djokovic has to demonstrate that he can beat down Nadal on clay (which wasn't even a beat down, btw), but Federer is left unchecked when he bagels Nadal on Nadal's BEST surface and Nadal's WORST surface?

That is very interesting, to say the least.

He had 3 chances to show his changed ability. Failed in all three.
That only proves that Djokovic hasn't done something within the time frame that YOU prefer. Your personal schedule for Djokovic has no bearing on his ability to perform anywhere.

Djokovic may not beat Nadal on clay again for another 2 years. The fact that you think that he must is silly. What's to stop you from suggesting that he must straight set Nadal at Roland Garros, too?

Dude, the question is, who did he beat??
You said he didn't beat anyone of any importance. Elaborate as to why that is.

No, I am saying, that, in order your claims to be true, there should be future reflection of them in the reality. If there isn't, then it might not be the truth about what happened. WAS reflected in the future. That future was the year of 2011. Retrospectively, his years leading up to 2011 collectively demonstrated that he could put together season of 2011 that he did.
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