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Originally Posted by Cosmic_Colin View Post
I believe the grass formula is current ranking + 100% of last year's grass points + 75% of best grass result the year before.

That means the grass points alone would be:

Djokovic: 270 (Olympic SF) + 720 (Wimbledon SF) + 1500 (Wimbledon W 2011) = 2490
Federer: 450 (Olympic F) + 2000 (Olympic W) + 150 (Halle F) + 270 (Wimbledon QF 2011) = 2870

So Federer is 380 grass points ahead. I'm not sure if the Olympics is counted, and if it isn't then he is only 200 ahead. Therefore it will make little difference to their relative rankings; Federer would need to be on the brink of overtaking Djokovic, which would mean winning Roland Garros or everything else on clay.

Just to throw in Murray's stats, he's: 750 (Olympics W) + 1200 (Wimbledon F) + 540 (Wimbledon SF 2011) = 2490 - exactly the same as Djokovic, so he stands a decent chance of being seeded #2... so long as the Olympics are counted.
The thing you are missing is the 'current ranking points' part of the formula.

The formula is current ranking points (at the time of seeding) + 100% of last year's grass points + 75% of the previous year's grass points.

So while Roger might gain a few hundred points on the grass points parts of the formula, but the fact that he is 2700 points behind Novak with roughly the same points to defend before Wimbledon makes that all a bit moot.
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