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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Murray had a few matches vs Nadal on hard courts where he just powered him right off the court, had over double the winners. That is the most offensive I ever saw him being. I have never seen him even attempt to play that offensively vs Federer and Djokovic, only moderately offensive at best, and when he wins it is seeminly only through superior consistency on the day.
The next step for Murray is to do exactly that...Step up on the serve(especially beef up the 2nd), move up the court, attack the corners & finish enough times with a volley to make it count. It sounds simple but it obviously isn't...
He is strong enough physically, will have to force himself to be more mentally aggressive.
Unfortunately for him: This is totally against his nature!
Murray hates making errors, lives by frustrating opponents out of matches. Until recently that worked well over best of 3 sets (but not against Roger or Novak over 5). He has learned what he has to do against both of these players over 5 sets .
Now he has to execute more consistently against Novak, Roger & Rafa (if he makes it back).
Murray has got the right guy pushing him to move forward & hit the ball.
Ivan was/is the terminator in that regard & he will get the max out of his player. Murray has bought in.

Federer has been doing it longer(since 2002?), obviously knows now more than ever that he has to get in & attack more. He has to be stronger now though, the ball comes back a few more times so he will have to be more athletic at the net. Lots of ballistic lunges at the net are in order.

Djokovic has got it going now & when he penetrates enough is tough for anyone. When he doesn't boss the point he defends like a slippery eel with sharp teeth.Very tough.

Nadal was starting to move forward in 2009, 2010 then overdid it with his clay schedule. When he came back Novak had recovered from his Davis Cup breakdown. Rafa struggles to accelerate & flatten the ball & doesn't feel it as much on the hard. Still the best mover on clay IMO. He was showing signs of rising to the challenge before his body let him down.
The Hard Courts are killing his knees.

Novak then got it going in 2011.
He cooled off a bit in 2012, now it is on again.

So the challenge is clear, who will step up & stop him??
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