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Originally Posted by Lakers4Life View Post
... But if you are stuck on bringing a Babolat PD, at least take out the factory grommet and install a new one. So when you pull it out it's much easier than having to deal with flared grommets. Give yourself as much adavantage as the rules allow.
I actually have one PD replaced with new grommet half year ago and never strung. I can take double advantages to remove the existing new bump guard and put another new one in. Then loosely string it at 20lbs for last two strings so it won't flare the grommets. I will bring in this bump guard which already on racket for half year and use it in test. But I feel it is kind of cheating.
I just need few more practices on this and should able to get this covered. So far I am solid on putting it on, only need to work on remove part a bit more without cutting the flared grommet.

Thanks all for the advise.
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