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Originally Posted by Gaz77 View Post
I hope you are getting a commission because it's safe to say that this post will have sold a lot of racquets for Wilson and TW, lol.
Originally Posted by Gaz77 View Post
Exactly, think you hit the nail right on the head............can no one else see what's going on here.

Since rackets with an open string pattern aren't anything new is it possible Wilson have slipped this guys a few dollars to write an amazing review just to sell a few more rackets and help promote such an 'amazing new stick' !
I love the frame, both the 99s and the 105s and Wilson pays me nothing. You would think I was on the Yonex payroll with all the frames, gear, shoes, and bag that I have from Yonex, so for me to go to Wilson it was because the frames are great for my game and my style, period.
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