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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
Here is the chart I am talking about.
I'm not going to count them all but I don't know if the majority of the balls do land in the targets described--but if you say so. It just looks to me like a guy trying to move his opponent around--so of course fewer balls are in the middle of the court--although there appears to be more shots hit to the duece side of the court. But you're not going to move anyone much if you're not hitting the ball side to side--which is obvious. BTW, which of those balls depict a return of serve, a volley, a lob, an approach shot, a passing shot, etc? Where in the court was Novak when he hit those shots? Which of those are sliced or topspun? Just marking where balls land and then making conclusions based on that alone is not really useful.

When I chart matches I do them point by point. I mark where on the court the serve (or return of serve) landed and then mark 2,3,4 etc for where the subsequent balls landed. I also record if the shot is volley, pass, approach, etc. You can gleen far more useful info doing that. You can really see what's going on.

Finally, years ago I warmed up Jimmy Connors for an exhibition/senior match. He hits hard and flat and had an almost uncanny ability that day to consistently hit within a couple feet of the baseline without missing long. I'm sure it wasn't just by chance. Pro players, as well as good juniors and college players, do indeed practice hitting to deep targets because there are going to be situations where they'll need to be able to do so to win the point. So should you...

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