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Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
Djokovic lead the hard court H2H before 2011. Acting all surprised that Novak continued that trend (IW, Miami & U.S. Open and Australian Open) is a bit ridiculous.

Are you surprised when Federer beats Nadal at the WTF despite their lopsided H2H? Everything clicked for him in 2011 and he got better at what he was ALREADY doing.

And I already addressed the clay situation. Did you even read what I posted?
Excellent points, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that on all surfaces besides clay prior to 2011, the record between Nole and BP was dead even-his "dominance" consisted entirely of his edge on dirt. So, acting like Nole turned things around everywhere is silly. Btw, when's the last time that Nadal won a non dirt tournament? How about him successfully defending a non dirt tournament(Pretty sure the answer to the latter is, "never")?

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