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I posted a pretty long response to your second post, but it never showed up. Anyway, minimalist shoes are pretty, but like 90 squared inch racquets, they are not really good for most people. A friend of mine strained his calf muscle because he began running with a pair of minimalist shoes. His legs weren't strong enough to handle the lack of support and cushioning. He's fine now. But for a long time, he could not run or play tennis.

Again, I think you should go to a running shoe store and talk to an expert. Please keep in mind, terms, such as "support" and "stability," mean different things for running shoes. The bottom line is that they all have to do with arch support. And to find out how much support you need, you have to run. In my case, I had to run 6 miles to realize that my Asics GT 2000 did not have enough support. So I took them back to the store and traded them in for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13, which are working out pretty well.
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