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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Court and Wade were pretty good.
Court had several successful partnerships during her career, although none were very long term. Wade was good..and she had success with Dalton and Bowery as well. If I had to pick which of all the partnerships was strongest I would probably go with her and Wade...although Dalton is not a bad choice.

Funny though in this instance only the Williams factor in in my mind in this discussion for the last decade or so. As much as I like Lisa Raymond/Sam Stosur and respect Huber/Black....they don't come close at all in my mind

I think doubles today suffers largely in the sense very few partnerships in the last year have lasted more then like..2 years. I mean how many partners has Lisa Raymond had, for instance. No one really seems be able to make it last...although Raymond/Stosur, Black/Huber and Ruano Pascal/Suarez do stand out a little.
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