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Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
You have double standards and are merely surprised (and probably frustrated) that someone is calling you out on them. It's beyond the realm of possibilities for Djokovic to beat Nadal on clay but for Federer, bageling him on clay is just as normal as Sun rising.

Double standards.
Federer bageling Nadal on clay is a SINGLE occurence.Djokovic beating Nadal like a drum everywhere and straightsettig him twice on clay of all surfaces is a pattern. Do you understand the difference between the two? Apparently not.

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
I no longer feel compelled to defend Djokovic because you play by different rules when it comes to Federer.
So weak, but its OK.

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
What pattern? Two wins over Nadal, and it's a pattern? Your logic is not too sound.
7 wins in a row. On all surfaces. Are you going to tell me, that Djokovic is considered a better grasscourt player as well? Taking down 2 time Wimbledon champ and 4 time finalist(at the time) like it is nothing.

Yeah, you sound like you know what you are talking about.

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
It appears as if you realized that you made a statement that you are unable to back up. Fair enough. Next time, check your facts before making such a declaration.
It appears, that you cannot understand simple sentences.

List all the great claycourters, that Djokovic defeated while winning his clay tourneys before 2011!

Originally Posted by Tony48 View Post
Just like I'll take your word that you expected Federer to win as many slams as he did within the timeframe that he did.
The difference being, that I never said such a thing and you did.

So you admit, that you didn't, despite claiming the opposite a few posts ago?
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