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Originally Posted by FedererExpress View Post
what are your guys' opinions on minamilist shoes? I like the concept, not sure if it would be applicable to me
I love minimalist shoes, but the only type of running I do is sprinting, and mostly on the beach these days. I'll wear Vibram 5F KSOs when the surface is a bit rough, but otherwise I go without shoes.

Going minimalist will strengthen your feet, but you don't want to just jump in and run a lot of miles in minimalist shoes without having gone barefoot a lot. You have a high chance of injury if you do that. If you want to get into it, start slowly because shoes have weakened your feet legs. I'd get a racing flat or a minimalist shoe with padding like Altra to start if you want to do a lot of miles. I love Altra because I hate having my toes pinched.
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