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Default Frames similar to KPS 88?


Could you guys recommend me a few frames that are similar to the KPS 88 in terms of feel, flex and plow through?

I'm an all-court player, and I'm probably a 4.5. I'm currently using two 90-squared-inch Vantage frames with the following specs when strung: 364g, 31.5 cm, and about 340 for swing weight.

I used to love my Vantage frames, and I thought I would never want to switch. But lately, as I've gotten into a better shape, I love the KPS 88. When I hit the ball cleanly, the way the frame flexes and the raw feel I get from it are addicting. I just can't put it down.

I've tried to modify the Vantage frames to match the setup of my KPS 88 in terms of swing weight and balance. But it was unsuccessful. The Vantage frames became sluggish and muted. Even though their flex was listed as 60, they were not flexible, or they did not flex at contact like how the KPS 88 did.

Thank you for your help.
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