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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
Depends what people mean by "take back."

When I say "low takeback", I mean, from the ready position, he's taking the racket back from underneath his shoulder. Someone once referred to this as a "pendulum" takeback, which is rare at the pro level today.

Like a pendulum, it's low at the bottom, but can reach a high point if the arc is big enough. Edberg had a very big arc.

So I think of "takeback" as the early part of the backswing, but not the entire backswing.

Using that terminology, I'd say Edberg had a low takeback but high backswing.
I don't see the need for both terms to represent something different, but upon reexamining Edberg's 1hbh, you are correct. I'm not really a fan of such takeback but I'd consider it's a low takeback. It worked for him because of his height. He'll have hard time dealing with high topspin balls of modern tennis tho.

I'd consider Fed's takeback medium high. and Guga's takeback high. and the high take back is the best imo. esp in modern game. the high takeback and strong wrist control can deal with any types of balls.
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