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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Just because you pull up and across, does not mean there is no forward motion on the swing, Frisbee. What the pulling up and across does is let you impart a ton of topspin AS you drive the ball. It gives much more margin for error and control.

Just go out and try it yourself, everyone. It clearly is the way to play.
I do hit my strokes with topspin. Most people do these days. It's not 1975. No coaches that I know are telling their students to hit groundstrokes with wooden rackets and continental grips. This whole controversy started because Wegner and his followers on here were telling people not to hit through the ball. Go see his internet videos with the ball attached to the prop where he's talking about contacting the ball on the bottom of the strings by the frame, and massaging over the top of the ball rather than hitting through it. Plenty of us on here know the fundamentals of the game, we just have to waste our time constantly debunking myths about yanking, hitting near the frame, counting to five, prepping late, massaging over the top of the ball etc. etc. That's not what characterizes the modern game. And it never will.

It was a good thread with Spadea talking about the fundamentals. Wegner and all his followers claim you need to abandon certain fundamentals like hitting through the ball in order to learn the modern game. It's simply not true and it's a recipe for disaster. Modern players like Federer hit through the ball as dramatically as anyone. It is still a huge part of the game always will be.

Then Wegner's claims about being responsible for players like Novak Djokovic and all of Russia's tennis players because Wegner's book might have been read my some people in those areas, forced the sane members of the forums to debunk those constant claims and selling and exaggerations. It's clear that accomplished players like Vince Spadea found the advice about hitting through the ball to be helpful, and if pointing out the fundamentals of the groundstroke is somehow painful or inconvenient for internet denizens, I'm sorry. It's simply how all good players in real life hit their groundstrokes.

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