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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Yes, obviously everyone has some combination of hitting through as well as up and across.

I think the magic in describing it as pulling is that you're actually pulling the racket towards your body to create the upward and across motion, rather than through extending your arm outwards and up. You can accelerate your arm much more quickly by pulling than otherwise.
On the Forehand, I think describing it as pulling up and across could help some people, who don't understand phrases like rotate into contact, rotate your core use your core, uncoil, etc etc. One the one handed backhand it's a horrible description and is confusing a lot of beginners on the forum.

On the forehand I prefer to think of the stroke as coiling early and then rotating back into the stroke, while I extend my arm forward and through. I hit with a modern stroke with plenty of topspin.

Since Wegner tells people not to prep early or worry about early prep, his approach of just telling students to pull up and across isn't going to work for every student, because in order to uncoil dramatically like in the modern strokes, you have to be coiled in the first place!

It's harder to uncoil into the modern forehand if you haven't first executed the unit turn. There was a period of time on this forum where me and other posters couldn't use phrases like unit turn, without wegner's followers derailing the thread saying we couldn't call it the unit turn because modern players don't execute a unit turn, they stalk the ball. This is laughable, because the phrase unit turn is very descriptive and helpful for many students, and is common parlance in the coaching word. On the world of these threads stalking is the common parlance among all the Wegnerites, but the real world many coaches prefer the term unit turn.

If Wegner's approach works for you fine, but most accomplished coaches don't teach it that way. And it prevents beginners from hearing a lot of great advice, if Wenger's followers are ruining every thread claiming theres no unit turn, there's no hitting through the ball, etc. etc. Anyone who has had any access to decent coaching in the real world knows these claims are ridiculous, will damage peoples games, and are counterproductive.

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