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It sounds like you're trying to split a stroke into different, individual components, ie. " closed racquet face by itself" and pick parts to argue!!! Why? A stroke needs a right mix of stuffs to work, ie the power, the contact, the path, ... and you hone in by practicing and feels.

"The best way to get the upward component is the ww stuff, pronation, etc."

Well, for me the best way to get the upward component is to ...hit up What I observe is that human mind can only visualize and apply exerting force in a linear path. Yes, in reality the racket goes in an arc, but when you intend to hit or throw something with force it's a linear, "straight" line exertion that the mind perceives. So, when you think pronation, ww or anything that goes in a curve, especially after the initial swinging, it tends to screw up your stroke.
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