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Anyway, I was in a sort blown off by Maxline Eagnas. An asian man picked up the phone and was very hard to understand, and I eventually had to ask for someone else, I ended up talking to a girl named michelle whom I could understand easily. She seemes to not want to help me, she didnt offer a walk through or asked me if If I knew how to calibrate my machine. The first thing she said was "send it in and we will fix it." which would have cost me probably 200 dollars with shipping factored in. When in reality nothing needed to be fixed, at most they would have replaced a part anyway, maybe just recalibrate it, and charge me for labor as well.

After she immediately told me to send it in without helping me troubleshoot, I asked her if there was anything I could try to fix it, and she said "try recalibrating it." and proceeded to attempt to get me to hang up trying to say "is that all?", that was it. Very blunt and not something I would expect from a company. Luckily I knew how to calibrate a machine and had the tools to do so, otherwise if it were a newbie to techincal problems (I have great experience in repairing electronic devices so I could have probably done a repair myself if need be) I would have been completely lost and would have wasted a good amount of time and or money trying to get it fixed.

Although I fixed it, I am not happy with customer service from Eagnas. I know some have had similar experiences with Eagnas and CS, with them not wanting to help you with their own faulty products.
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