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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Worker View Post
There's really no perfect headphone. You have to try out stuff before you buy it. Beats are actually the reason I got into headphones. I'll never forget it! Horrible, harsh treble combined with an over-inflated low end. It sounded like someone was hitting a cat with a bagpipe. If you want what audio engineers and musicians use, Guitar Center has PLENTY of quality stuff from Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamics, Klipsch, and even AKG.
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don't forget to add Grado to the list.
I hate all headphones (from an audio quality perspective). But the best I've ever heard are a nice pair of Stax electrostats that I had a custom built tube headphone amp for. They were "OK", but nothing compared to listening in my main system through my klipschhorns (so why bother with the headphones?).
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