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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Fair enough, but I think it shows Connors versatility in winning the USO no matter the conditions. He also has something like 98 wins there, which far surpasses anybody else's record at ANY GS never mind just the USO. It could also be argued that the space of time between wins for Connors shows more longevity than Fed at the USO (although I still think 5 straight is more impressive.)

Anyway, this is all kind of off topic. I would rank Djokovic just below Agassi and McEnroe at this point, and ahead of Becker, Edberg, and Wilander in the open era.

EDIT: Just checked the winning %'s at the USO for Connors and Fed. Turns out I was wrong. Fed has a higher % than Connors.

It seems we're all wrong here because Sampras has 5 titles and 3 finals at USO, so if # of titles combined with # of finals determines superiority, then it should be Sampras, not Connors. Regardless, I think 5 consecutive titles is the most impressive feat. But I concede it's arguable.

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