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Default Speeding up a calf injury?

Ive been nursing my left calf, had a good pop one day (few months ago), recovered, but has reoccurred a few times and puts me out a few days. It came back recently so I have been wrapping it and playing with it, seems about 95% or better now. I played last night with it wrapped, it did fine.

Today my right one is bad. Had no feeling of 'pop' or any issues in a match last night, but this morning it was screaming. tight, hurts to stretch it, tender to poke on it. Ive been playing everyday, so took today off. I will skip team practice tomorrow evening as well and not play friday. However, I am already in the line up for a tourney this weekend starting Saturday. I plan to play, rested it today and have it compressed. I will rest it tomorrow and friday as well.

In the meantime, should I be icing it or heating it. Ive googled some but have mixed results. Like I said, this time its my right calf, but it never popped or had an acute noticeable injury.

Should I keep it full time compressed? Ice it? heat it? Stretch good, do some extended warm up and stretching on saturday prematch? Any advice?

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