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Originally Posted by AA5B Tiger View Post
Thanks. I'll buy a few sets of each and give them a whirl.

I typically hybrid the MSV Hex with good results. Of all the cross strings I've tried, plain and cheap Goshen OG Micro 17 Natural feels the best to me.

Do you hybrid -- and, if so, what sort of cross strings do you use?

FWIW, I tried Forten Sweet as a cross and loved it so long as it was the natural color. When I bought a reel of the white Forten Sweet, it felt more stiff and less forgiving. Thinking I was crazy, I bought a few more individual packs of Sweet in the natural color and the good aspects returned.... Go figure...
I thought you were using full beds of poly at first. Its interesting you mention the hybrids because I do the same, and with the same crosses. I mainly use Forten Sweet 17 in natural, with gold being pretty much the same. The white color has a coating and I agree it didn't feel as good. Forten Sweet retains tension better IMO, OG Sheep tends to lose more tension and become very soft feeling after a break in period - its pretty good for that softer, pocketing response.

Hex 1.18 Black is the one I used most. Whats funny is I also started to like a firmer response, much like how you are looking to increase the tension. Here's a few quick notes for you on the strings I listed. I was only able to find Hextreme Pure and Poly Tour Spin in 1.25. Coming from your current setup, I'd recommend starting these out at 50lbs and keeping your cross string tension the same, otherwise you might end up with more firmness than you bargained for. Cyclone 16 felt softer and more stretchy than the other two, surprising since its 1.30mm thick, so you might want to string it maybe 2lbs tighter than Hextreme or PTS for the same firm feel. I have only tried Hextreme Pure, I read that it is noticeably different than the standard Orange color. I also tried Cyclone 18 which was a good string as well, however I feel Cyclone starts to get a little harsh above the mid 50's so if you want a firm feel without the harshness, I'd suggest trying one of the thicker gauges and staying below 55lbs.

Those are all good strings with a very high level of control and a ton spin, while having enough difference between them to give you a good variety. I'm pretty sure you'll find at least 1 or more that you like between them.

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