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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
And I'm sure many pros were not necessarily taught to brush up and across. Yet, they do intuitively anyway because it's the most efficient way to simultaneously produce ball speed and spin.
He was also taught to get under the ball and hit topspin. That's what so funny about this discussion. He was taught topspin, just like every player. He just wasn't taught using the confusing, inaccurate, and often hilarious MTM wegnerite terminology people in these forums love so much. I give up, I will no longer use the phrase unit turn or shoulder turn, or coiling even though that's what almost every coach uses in real life. I will use the term stalking the ball because it is MTM approved even though it doesn't evoke the early preparation and coiling that actually take places in modern groundstrokes. You have won. I will no longer comment.

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