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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
I don't see the need for both terms to represent something different,
I see your point.

On the other hand, there needs to be some word to describe the phase of the stroke we're talking about, specifically the hand movement/positioning at the early part of the unit turn.

Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
but upon reexamining Edberg's 1hbh, you are correct. I'm not really a fan of such takeback but I'd consider it's a low takeback. It worked for him because of his height. He'll have hard time dealing with high topspin balls of modern tennis tho.

I'd consider Fed's takeback medium high. and Guga's takeback high. and the high take back is the best imo. esp in modern game. the high takeback and strong wrist control can deal with any types of balls.
Arguably, a high takeback can make it easier to generate topspin.

But for "handling" topspin, meaning hitting against a high, spinny ball, I don't think a low takeback is a liability. I think the chief advantages of a low takeback are: a smaller overall stroke, faster reaction, easier to hit on-the-rise and low balls, and easier adjustment to return of serve.

The downside is that it's less fluid, doesn't drop into the power position as naturally, and requires more work from the off hand.
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